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Daoc phoenix leveling guide

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We are very open to the players and the community has helped shaped the server into what it is today. We have used patch 1. Total posts Total topics Total members Our newest member Lancelot News 30 Topics 32 Posts.

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daoc phoenix leveling guide

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Important links Our Rules Discord. EV needs hastener. As a solo non speed class with no docks to reach it sucks. PaoThu Apr 16, am. Sorry thats Change the Game too much. I DON'T understand the reason. If we want a sim. BeckettWed Apr 15, pm. UthredWed Apr 15, pm. Both perma banned for 2nd offense multi accs.

There may only be one. I don't think the RA Falcon Eye should be affected until other archery changes go in. Bow damage is already sub par and. HorusWed Apr 15, pm.

Re: [Q2 ] Style Changes. I'm against this, I think it would open a can of worms! Keep it to minor tweaks damage, effectdon't change everythi. AshgarothWed Apr 15, am.Dark Age Of Camelot. Daoc Phoenix. Elder Scroll online. Lightning fast Delivery Daoc Phoenix Platinum.

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daoc phoenix leveling guide

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Start Forum Sorc Leveling spec guide. Forgot your username? Create an account. Sorc Leveling spec guide. The option to trade out matter for body is also an option. Same topic: How to level a sorc. I think you get the idea without translating the few german words in there. I think that was nerfed at some point maybe. Got a 2nd mage created, I'm gonna try this for a few levels and see how it goes.

If you plan to group all the way up stick with full mind. Keeping mind just high enough to have equal lev pets. PoM and dot mobs? Don't argue with idiots - they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Board index All times are UTC. Thursday, April It does seem that dots do more damage against high purples than DDs do but I have pretty limited testing.

In this guide it is said, that the charm should work for mobs up to lvl Is the description of the spell or the lvling guide wrong at this point?So, you have decided to embark on the wonderful world of crafting? Look no further! With all the updates to crafting that have been done within the game in the last year, crafting has been easier than ever! Need to know where to start? Here are some tips. Not sure which craft you would like to embark on?

Then Basic Crafting is a feature for you! Basic Crafting was introduced in Patch 1. Basic Crafting is an introduction to the crafting system for new players, or players who currently have not chosen a craft.

The recipes in this system are only limited to samples of all original orders, which now include all crafting orders. The Basic Crafting skill cannot exceed points in skill.

If you have decided which craft you would like to pursue, please seek out the Advanced Crafting Order of choice located within the Main City of your realm in order to proceed to recipes that exceed the points of skill. When doing so, any secondary skills i. If you skill up to in Basic Crafting weaponcrafting, those points will NOT transfer to Weaponcrafting; however any skill gained in woodworking or metalworking will.

Secondary Skills points are usually gained while leveling and using your main craft. The only secondary skills worth leveling up are: woodworking, clothworking, metalworking, and leatherworking. There are several uses for these skills. They allow you to salvage more efficiently and with higher quality items such as with metalworking, arcanium hinges or jewelry boxes.

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With the introduction of the Darkness Rising client, you are now able to craft Horse Armor in metalworkingBarding in clothworkingand Saddle Bags in leatherworking as well. Woodworking helps in repairing keeps and towers, in which you will also gain Realm Points for successful repair.

Per 1. Example: You will gain skill points if you have between and points in woodworking on a wood5 door. Gone are the days of having to make a character and class for each trade skill you wish to pursue! Now, choosing a trade skill no longer locks you out of working on other trade skills, and you can do any trade skill with any class.

With Patch 1. Also, now crafting in the Main Cities of your realm adds bonuses to crafting! You no longer need to invest in a smith's hammer, sewing kit, planing tool, spellcraft kit, mortar and pestle, or alchemy kit in order to craft. You just need to be standing near the forge, alchemy table or lathe.

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I strongly suggest before beginning crafting--whether you are a brand new player, a returning player, or a current player—to read and research the new trade skill changes made to the game. The major trade skills are:.Remember Me. Return to Cabalist. All rights reserved. Used with permission of Mythic Entertainment.

Start Forum Leveling Guide Forgot your username? Create an account.

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Leveling Guide Many of you probably have your own plans already, which is great. However, I hope that in posting my precious guide it may help to expedite your journey to If you choose to follow this guide, I hope you will pay it forward by helping your fellow Albs as you're sure to get MANY nice drops and enough xp to share with a mate or two when you're feeling generous.

And if a cabby is already at your desired spot, or a cabby shows up at your spot, group up and knock 'em down with greater ease!

So, to begin: - This guide is for those who will be leveling up with Matter spec. Your AoE DoT is invaluable, and this is one of only two or three spells you'll need. You will want to get a couple of these items so that you can visit your trainer less frequently staying out in the field for several levels at a time. If you have a different suggestion, speak up! You want the mobs to gather themselves! You want it to die, and most of the time it will die very fast.

In the case it barely survives, release it. You'll want the extra XP, and since you won't be using much power usuallyre-summoning your pet is no biggy. However, most of the time 2 AoE DoTs will be sufficient. Sprint for a short time to make sure you have ample room to get your second cast off before any of the mobs touch you.Crave wisdom of God, the sense to understand, Else meddle not herewith, nor take it in hand.

For it will cost thee much worldly wealth; But trust not to other, but do it thyself. Learn, therefore, first to cleanse, purify and sublime, To dissolve, congeal, distill and sometime To conjoin and separate, and how to do all, That when you think to rise, thou do not fall, Trust to thyself and not to another; I can say no more to thee if thou were my brother.

All potions have been updated for more charges and different recipesand 3 new buff potions are now available multiple buffs! Read on for details: Dark Age of Camelot Version 1. NOTE: This will only affect newly-created potions. Existing potions will still have the same number of charges. All potions that had 3 charges now have 10 charges. All potions that had 6 charges now have 20 charges. All potions that had 9 charges now have 30 charges.

All player-crafted potions have had their material requirements increased. In most cases, the number of required materials has tripled. However, for recipes that required dropped materials, the material requirements have shifted slightly. No player-crafted potion will require more than 4 of any dropped material. All player-crafted potions have had their values increased to match their new crafting costs. These new potions can be found in the 'Stat Buff Draughts' section.

All rights reserved. Used with permission of Mythic Entertainment. Illuminated lettering, background designs, and medieval graphics. DAoC Game Resources - check it out!Remember Me. Return to Albion. All rights reserved. Used with permission of Mythic Entertainment. Start Forum Best pets list for Minstrels and Sorcerers.

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Create an account. Best pets list for Minstrels and Sorcerers Public communication platform for all Albion players. I currently play as a Minstrel lvl 25 now in the best guild: Clan Cotswold!!! I really enjoy adventuring with pets and especially caster pets These can be hard to find so I thought I'd make a list of those I know and have people add to the list.

I did find a lot of Minstrel pet lists online but since they do not really apply to this server I decided to start a new one.

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I will be adding more pets here as I progress in level. Notes: Great healer pet. I was able to solo reds and purples at lvl6 with this pet! Note: These pets are so good you should start using them as soon as you can. I leveled up to 20 with this pet.

daoc phoenix leveling guide

Casts spell during melee and is not interrupted. Note: You can start with these at level 19, I only did at I leveled up to 25 with these pet and I could easyly do 1 or 2 more levels with them if I wished.

Special note: best pet I have had so far due to their ability to nuke while meleeing.

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Druid disenchanter Zone: Salisbury Plains Level range: don't remember Special ability: self bufs, bolts. Note: not really usable. Pet constantly buffs himself. Only way I managed to have it follow me was by repeatedly clicking the follow button.

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